Ruijin youth to stay in the countryside to do business back goose

after the new year, Ruijin million young people did not go out to work, but chose to stay home business. With the gradual improvement of rural infrastructure, more and more opportunities for investment development, providing many opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

2 20 July, Ruijin City Wu Cun Ye Ping Xiang Tian years working in foreign university of young Ceng Xiaojun, and not the same as in previous years, over the years in a hurry south to Guangdong to work in Shenzhen, but to seize the fine weather, over the whole spring contracted 10 acres of land in greenhouse. He was full of longing to say: an acre of greenhouse vegetables net income of thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan, a good species, the price is good, the income is higher, earn much more than the outside work, this year does not go out, at home business development."

the old "Peacock Flying Southeast", now become "goose back". In Ruijin, the Spring Festival this year, more than 10 thousand young people choose to stay home entrepreneurial development.

The development of

at present, build 1 county and 17 Township land transfer service center of Ruijin City, the city’s completion rate of 100%, the rural circulation of 106 thousand and 400 acres of land, the development of farmer cooperatives 501, the establishment of the Jiangxi province’s first cooperatives, join the cooperative members up to 47828 people, radiation driven by non members of 43 thousand households, the development of family farms 186. Currently, the area of 145 thousand acres of vegetable cultivation in Ruijin, Hong Kong and the surrounding coastal cities as an important vegetable production base.

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