1 euros to sell bread shop owner in return for the help of the homeless

, Yongquan, a French Bakery boss do. According to the British "Metro newspaper" reported that the French Bakery owner Michel · framont return tramp Jerome · Okun’s saving grace, will decide in the eastern city of dulai bakery sold to Okun, only a symbolic fee of 1 euros.

fat man framont open a bakery in the eastern French city dulai. The tramp Jerome · Okun lived nearby, often to the bakery begging framont every day to give him a piece of bread and a cup of coffee.

one morning in December last year, the baker’s bread oven began to leak carbon monoxide, Okun found that the store in the shop to shake the shape of the shock, and quickly call for help. After 12 days in the hospital, he finally saved his life. The 62 year old framont sigh, "if Okun was not in the vicinity, I have not died."

framont went back to the store and continue to work, in order to thank, he gave the 37 year old Okun, a part-time, working 6 days a week. Framont soon discovered that Okun worked very hard. He said: "I am very happy to teach people like Okun who are smart enough to listen to advice."

in framont ready to retire, he found 3 daughters are not interested in inheriting the bakery, in front of the bakery can inherit only Okun. The final decision will be framont, bakery transfer to Okun to 1 euros.

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