Qilian West Road community issued a civil courtesy etiquette Handbook

October 12th, Chaoyang North Road West community office in Qilian, issued "public benefit etiquette manual" to local residents, the residents agreed that "civilized manners in our life, this book is worth learning".
recently by the Civilization Office published the "public etiquette Handbook", presented to the north area of the first batch of 5000 copies have been distributed free of charge to the public hands, welcome by the masses. This manual includes the basic requirements of "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces", the basic norms of citizen moral, social morality, occupation morality, family virtue; the basic norms of the spirit of the city of Xining, such as the Convention of the people of the construction of spiritual civilization. Layout content rich, illustrated, easy to understand. At present. The city is being implemented to enhance the quality of public works, printed and issued this manual, is conducive to the further popularization of public health to the civilized etiquette knowledge, advocate a civilized way of life, and guide people to learn etiquette, honor knowledge, promote harmony, to build Xining city of the etiquette, civilized city, harmonious city.


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