City bus company to carry out quality service competition to ensure safe travel during the two secti

to create civilized traffic activities as well, "12th Five-Year" in the first year of work, to ensure that in 2011 New Year’s day, Spring Festival passenger service, to meet the public bus travel demand, make people live a civilized, safe, happy and peaceful holiday, the city public transportation company since 2011 1 January to February 20th carry out the "civilized and safe" — the big 50 days, to ensure that during the two public service competition activity theme. Each branch according to the Corporate Events arrangement of the content of the full range of propaganda and mobilization, the presence of the station, spring festival activities banners, greetings, promotional activities of 800 hang identification near the vehicle, to create a new year’s day, spring festival atmosphere and active atmosphere, and combined with the requirements of the "during the spring and NPC and CPPCC" period, the company the strict arrangement and careful implementation, enhance the safe and civilized staff driving sense of responsibility, starting from improving the service function of bus window of civilization, so that all employees can firmly establish safe operation, quality service and passengers required for the bus, the bus "business philosophy, to establish a good image of the new bus face, realize" the new city bus companies, government employee satisfaction, people comfortable rest assured ".

In view of the existing

bus lines on the current society to reflect the larger relevant public transport service and traffic order problems in the city, the bus company will take effective measures, and strive in the first half of 2011 according to the stages of solving these problems, to ensure that the "NPC and CPPCC", "two", "Spring Festival" during the service work the successful completion of. The company made the following arrangements:

In January February,

, a high quality of service during the company focus on the bus not into the harbor or bay and bus specification into the red light, turn left and right or left free to take the bus lanes turn straight lane occupancy, the bus operation order has obviously improved.

Time specification site location three months

two, the company has removed, migration, undo the bus station stops, bus stop, the bus station parking in March to solve the parking problem, yet, to standardize the stop, make sure the site car in good order.

three, the company has completed the investigation use condition of all vehicle station, for temporary vehicle line, stops the case of a failure, the driver of the vehicle to stop reporting requirements and oral propaganda, completely solve the problems do not stop no publicity in April.


company to strengthen the safety of the driver, service and occupation moral education for half a year, to completely change the bus driver bad service attitude problem in five or six months, a new company car service level.

five, "NPC and CPPCC" during the "Spring Festival" to give full play to the role of inspectors, held a meeting in key sections such as West Street, the Yellow River Road, South Gate Street, the entrance of the municipal government and the Wangfujing "NPC and CPPCC" location area, increase the number of personnel inspection, holidays and the rush hour to lengthen working hours, with the traffic police department to do "NPC and CPPCC", "two", "Spring Festival" during the transportation;

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