City Management Bureau of administrative law enforcement to investigate and deal with the constructi

two days, the city of Xining city administrative law enforcement bureau investigated and dealt with the construction of the color of the 3 houses.

in May 1st and 2, law enforcement officers to investigate the Nanchuan Road gas station color steel plate steel to build 100 square meters across the pavement, East Street, Longchang hotel built with 300 square meters, South Yu Jing Xiang Xpu Ha Palace Hotel built with 100 square meters. After investigation, the construction of these projects are not relevant departments approval procedures. During the May Day, the Urban District Urban Management Bureau law enforcement officers in accordance with the grid management, the implementation of post responsibility system, the implementation of the wrong time inspections and full time management, to fill the management gap, to ensure that the city appearance and sanitation clean and orderly.


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