mplementation of the province’s individual industrial and commercial households, two card integrati

in accordance with the arrangements of the State Council on the implementation of individual business license and tax registration certificate "two card integration" deployment, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Province as the lead unit, focus on the overall situation, focus on top-level design, strengthen communication and coordination, to grasp the situation, the preparatory work basically completed.

provincial Trade and Industry Bureau in a timely manner set up a two card integration work coordination group to strengthen the organization and leadership of the reform. The three call the national tax, land tax, the reform, the Legislative Affairs Office, coordination, consultation and reform ideas and steps, many aspects of the work force. The system has repeatedly held a special meeting, a clear responsibility to refine the division of labor in the early stages of the reform of the pre judgment and deployment. The organization development and reform, tax, land tax, legal office and member of the provincial commercial system reform leading group of units to participate in the "national implementation of individual industrial and commercial households two card integration registration system reform teleconference, and to promote the province’s" two card integration reform carried out the arrangements. The Coordination Department of the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial Legislative Affairs Office jointly formulated and issued "on the implementation of individual business license and tax registration certificate" two permits integration "related work notice", formulated the "Qinghai province Industrial and Commercial Bureau" two card integration "informatization construction plan" completed the upgrade work, individual industrial and commercial registration system, data center, publicity system and data exchange of information system. Timely update the provincial administration of industry and commerce portal on the individual registration procedures, relevant laws and regulations, form download, problem solving, etc., to facilitate the use of operators and staff. In accordance with the conditions of registration, unified registration process requirements, all document format specification and registration process integration and optimization of the registration link in the application, acceptance, review, approval, licensing, publicity and other procedures, and has been printed using the delivery arrangement, the county and the district market authority and the grass-roots business, to ensure that the December 1st "two certificate of conformity" start as scheduled.


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