2016 Lantern Festival, such as the implementation of the right amount of fried vegetables and refine

Lantern Festival is approaching, in order to make the masses to spend a happy and peaceful holiday, the municipal government decided on the Lantern Festival long pepper, turmeric, garlic, cucumber, tomato, eggplant 6 kinds of vegetables and the implementation of the subsidy limit, ensuring adequate food supply during the holiday season, mainly fine price stability, to meet the needs of holiday life the masses of the people, Huimin limin.
A, direct subsidies to limit the main content of
2, time: February 19th to 21 days (3 days before the Lantern Festival), subsidies limit of 6 kinds of vegetables.
3, the scope of implementation: in the 120 vegetable retail outlets (15 of which focus on the supermarket 28 chain stores and 29 discount stores, 42 cars, 21 car cheap vegetables direct community outlets, to carry out direct subsidy limit work).
5, subsidy standards: the price of six vegetables subsidy standard average 4-6 yuan / kg, the retail price limit sales, subsidies in accordance with the actual sales.
6. Direct subsidy limit vegetable business outlets uniform hanging logo, logo: Xining municipal government subsidy price of vegetables (cucumber, pepper, turmeric, garlic, tomatoes, eggplant), supervision Tel: 12358, city development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce 6133765, market supervision and Management Bureau 12315. Requires a clear logo to limit the price of each person to buy a single product does not exceed 5 pounds, quality and quantity of supply.
two, while strengthening supervision and inspection to ensure that the
in February 17, 2016 Lantern Festival six vegetables direct subsidy limit community sales outlets list name address number area 1 East District Jia Dian Jia Ronghua ronghua Economic Development Zone No. 2 small shops 39-221 Xia Lin Dian Huang Road No. 100, the summer capital of the forest area in the supermarket next to the 3 West District Lake Power shop Haiyan road the power of community supermarket 4 city north gate;

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