The province’s urban security projects progressing smoothly

9 25, the reporter learned from the provincial housing department, this year, the province’s urban affordable housing construction project objectives and tasks are: new shantytowns housing units, basically built a total of 52 thousand and 600 units, check in 50 thousand and 800. At the end of August, the province’s affordable renovation project has started 63 thousand, basically completed 44 thousand and 600 sets, 37 thousand and 400 households, respectively, completed the annual objectives and tasks of 78%, 85% and 74%. At present, the province’s overall progress in shantytowns.

to further promote the smooth progress of the transformation project, the full completion of the objectives and tasks, the province will further accelerate the progress of the studio to change the work. Through careful study of the existing difficulties and problems in the process of urban shantytowns, combined with the actual development of practical work programs and policies. To do a good job of government services, the construction sector will be more perfect administrative examination and approval of the rapid passage, simplify the examination and approval procedures, improve service, improve work efficiency.

project to establish a sound accounting, organized special forces over the years of urban affordable housing and shantytowns project implementation of "looking back", through a comprehensive sort of jurisdiction over the years of affordable housing and various shantytowns, so as to fully grasp the implementation of the project, the project to establish a sound record. Strict statistical system, do a good job of affordable housing project statistics letters, dynamic monitoring of the completion of the annual objectives and tasks.

at the same time, to give full play to the portal as the first public housing security information platform, to further improve the urban affordable housing project information disclosure, in the local government website public region annual construction plan and monthly public construction, basically completed (completed), distribution of exit and other aspects of information, improve the information disclosure timeliness, do public information comprehensive, unified form, update, and effectively protect the people’s right to information, participation and supervision.


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