Qinghai medical team to carry out health and epidemic prevention and psychological intervention

July 25th, Minxian suffered persistent rainfall disaster, medical rescue work to bring great difficulty. In the morning, the Qinghai medical team organized the first aid experts in Qinghai to carry out pre hospital first aid skills and health education. At the same time, the provincial medical rescue team commander Wang Xiaoqin on behalf of the health system in Qinghai Province, once again to the center of Minxian hospital in Zhaizhen donated nearly 100 thousand yuan worth of aid, including medicines and medical supplies and other materials.

it is understood that the current disaster relief work is mainly based on health and epidemic prevention, psychological intervention, health education and training. To this end, our province medical team based on strengthening medical treatment of full coverage, sent 15 health and epidemic prevention team rushed to the disaster area, to carry out health and epidemic prevention work, epidemic prevention team has arrived in Minxian on the afternoon of 25 in zhaizhen. At the same time, the emergency medical team support basic life first-aid experts to carry out in the area of medical institutions, in terms of hemostasis, bandaging, trauma fixation, handling and other skills training, and organize the local people to carry out disaster prevention knowledge propaganda and health education, improve the disaster medical staff first aid skills and disease prevention knowledge. (author: He Jun)


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