The province’s first flower style song and dance poetry, the white peony of the elder brother premie

stars shine, dance. The evening of July 9th, the province’s first flower style song and dance poetry, "the age of the white peony" staged in Qinghai grand theatre. This is a new program by the provincial performing arts group in 2016 to create a new focus is the first silk road in Qinghai flower festival in an innovative way of interpretation of the art of flowers. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing, vice chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and the audience together to watch the performance of the joint interest in the performance of Bao Yizhi.

"the white peony of the elder brother" is a series of six kinds of folk songs and dances in Qinghai, which are connected in series. In the field, antiphonal singing contest, production, embroidery, token talk scene as the carrier, through the display of young men and women in plateau flowers for the media, the course met and fell in love, marriage, show the Qinghai flower art unique and magical beauty of mountains and rivers of Qinghai plateau, full of the national unity Pro heartfelt praise.

song poem by order "sing" early spring flowers "Plateau" "Camel" Fountain "flowers" Moonlight "arena" love "and" Ruixue year end "farewell song" seven chapters. The province gathered many well-known flowers form comprehensive singers, dance and music, song, poetry and other arts, the flow of traditional connotation and modern style into the flower style, is a plateau children spirit and humanistic feelings endeavour portrayal, vividly for the audience to provide an understanding of Qinghai plateau and the Qinghai flower art window.


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