Xining City Court report telephone and e-mail announcement

recently, the Supreme People’s Court issued the "Five Prohibitions" and "on the violation of the" Five Prohibitions "provisions of the handling. The "Five Prohibitions" provisions: non parties to accept the case and related personnel dinners; non violation of the provisions of improper contact with a lawyer; prohibit others to handle the case in question; favoritism is strictly prohibited in the entrusted appraisal, auction and other activities; non disclosure of secret trial work. The personnel of a people’s court for violation of the above provisions, in accordance with the law to pursue disciplinary responsibility and criminal responsibility. In the trial, the implementation of the work, shall be removed from the trial, the implementation of post. In order to consciously accept the supervision of the community and the masses, the city’s courts are now reporting telephone and e-mail announcements are as follows:

City Court report telephone and e-mail

units report telephone hotlines

City Court 0971-6310365 [email protected]

City Court 0971-8237686 [email protected]

West Court 0971-6109332-8406 [email protected]

North City Court 0971-5132730 [email protected]

East Court 0971-8127935 [email protected]

chase court 0971-2735166 [email protected]

Huangyuan court 0971-2432380 [email protected]

Huangzhong court 0971-2237863 [email protected]

Xining intermediate people’s court

February 23, 2009


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