The province’s anti drug work teleconference held

5 17, the province’s anti drug work teleconference held in Xining. The meeting summed up the province’s anti drug work in 2015, analysis of the current drug-related crime situation, to further do a good job in the current and future period of anti drug work deployment.

the meeting pointed out that anti drug work is related to national prosperity, rigorously enforce anti drug is the consistent stand of the party and the government and insisted that. All localities and departments should adhere to the prevention, sooner, efforts to eradicate the drug problem, induced breeding soil, strengthen drug prevention education and rehabilitation and other infrastructure work, to focus on drug-related criminal activities, make great efforts to highlight the problem remediation; must unswervingly adhere to the principle of the crackdown, and constantly improve the detection, control and the investigation, combat capability, adhere to the "major break" and "sporadic" combination, strengthen the regulation of synthetic drugs.

meeting the requirements, all localities and departments in accordance with their respective duties, earnestly implement the central and provincial government on drug control policies and major decisions and plans, and strictly implement the provincial Narcotics Control Commission "drug control work responsibility system", in order to minimize drug source, to minimize the harm of drugs, to maximize reduce the breeding of new drug users as the overall objective, innovative working mechanism, rich means, and carry out publicity and education, improve the efficiency of gas to cure poison, struggling to create a new situation in the province of drug control work.


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