Luo Huining’s speech at the closing of the second session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress

speech at the closing of the twelfth session of the provincial people’s Congress of the second session of the

(April 28, 2013)

Luo Huining

delegates, comrades:

The twelfth session of the

Provincial People’s Congress of the second meeting, through the joint efforts of all the delegates and participants, the successful completion of the agenda, it is about to close.

this meeting is an important meeting held in accordance with the decision of the central government and the local organization law, after the central government of the Central Committee of the cpc. During the meeting, the delegates with a high degree of political responsibility and political enthusiasm conscientiously perform their duties according to law elected provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee and governor of the people’s Government of the province, to provide a more powerful political and organizational guarantee for the scientific development of the province. The meeting time is short, but very successful, played a role of the human resources show the unity of style.

meeting I was elected chairman of the provincial people’s Congress, Mr. Hao Peng was elected governor of the people’s Government of the province, which is Fellow Deputies and the people of all nationalities of our trust, we feel the heavy responsibility and glorious mission. In this regard, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and respect to all delegates!

today, I’m a member of the provincial people’s congress. Provincial People’s Congress has a good foundation. His new post, I will abide by the law, pragmatic, faithfully fulfill the duties entrusted by the Constitution and law; democracy, open channels, give full play to the important role on behalf of the majority; fulfill their duties, duties and continuously push forward the work of the npc. Never let the people of all ethnic groups in the hope and trust.

delegates, comrades, the people’s Congress system is the fundamental political system to protect the people as the masters of the country, is an important part of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. We must follow the road of political development with Chinese characteristics, adhere to and improve the people’s Congress system, and do a good job in the new situation of the National People’s congress.

one to grasp the correct political direction. Adhere to the party’s leadership, the people are the masters of the country and the organic unity of the rule of law, from the legal system to ensure the implementation of the party’s principles and policies to ensure that the party’s leading role in full play. To firmly on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, self-confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system, and strive to adhere to socialism with Chinese characteristics in Qinghai, good development. We should deeply understand the essential characteristics of the people’s Congress system and promote the self-improvement and development of the people’s Congress system.

two to strictly exercise their powers in accordance with the law. The provincial people’s Congress and its Standing Committee should focus on promoting scientific development and building a harmonious society, further strengthening the legislative work in key areas, strengthen the implementation of the legal supervision and inspection, comprehensively promote the rule of law process, and resolutely safeguard the unity, dignity and authority of the socialist legal system. To further strengthen the supervision of a house and two governments, to promote the central and provincial major policy decisions and the implementation of the policy of Huimin, and promote strict law enforcement, fair justice, the rule of law government, improve judicial;

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