How much is the joining fee for all business hawker steak Sheng

mentioned Italy, you will think of a series of Related words, for example, gourmet capital, fashion Milan, football Kingdom, economic power, tourist attractions, rich European culture. Italy is also called "Italy", meaning "calf growth paradise", with hundreds of years of steak culture, there have been many touching stories and related steak, hawker wins is one of them. Steak steak with delicious hawker capture wins the heart of many consumers, consumers establish a good reputation, is a good project to make money, so much money to win hawker steak?

How much is the steak hawker

wins the franchise fee?

first, join the cost of

1, join the fee that is the right to use and sell the company’s brand, the company unified standard fee is 150 thousand yuan. More than steak hawker discount to join

2, the franchise fee is to ensure the headquarters of the franchise brand, trademark, patent, design and CIS system, resources and technology, management skills, business secrets and other intellectual property rights are not abused and compromised, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both join.

two, brand usage fee

1, the company to join a unified service and the cost of support. Is the extension of the service project and the latter business security, 80 thousand yuan per year.

2, the accurate use of the brand should be the trademark royalties, refers to the recipient (franchisee) because of the use of corporate trademarks to bring benefits to the trademark owner to pay the relevant costs.

three, performance bond

1, performance margin 100 thousand yuan is a one-time charge, after the expiration of the contract refund.

2, after the expiration of the contract fee to the contract, there is no breach of contract in the franchisee, there is no clear situation of the money, the Brand Company should be returned to the franchisee without interest.

four, renovation costs, processing costs, store equipment costs

1, store renovation costs 1300-1550/ square meters, according to the company uniform store standard decoration design and decoration style to carry out;

2, apply for a license fee of 800-1500 yuan, including the Bureau for tax registration certificate, apply for industrial and commercial business license, settlement need to apply for bank account opening permit and so on.

3, special equipment: 7-10 million, the cost of the budget, specific to the actual cost, for reference only.


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