Three strategies to teach you how to create their own explosive products

what kind of food and beverage industry to join the project more popular, not those large investment projects, but instead of a small number of franchise brands are more popular, why? Because the restaurant is now popular small and beautiful, small food and beverage costs are relatively low, and the characteristics of consumers are more clearly favored, then how to create a small meal explosion products?


teach you how to build their own explosive products

first, in terms of time, the introduction of a quarter to two products.

one of the most popular products is very important for small restaurants, a product broke can let consumers continued to buy, so that enterprises can operate normally, such as Royal chicken and they can be renewed each year not less than four times of the menu, each quarter will launch explosive products. Now a lot of companies is to create a variety of products, consumers face so many products but do not know what to choose good, so to create explosive products only need to launch 1 to 2 on the line.

secondly, for the product, find a selling point, focus on product development.

an explosive product cannot do without the company’s publicity and promotion, for example, some time ago Huang Bo endorsement of the ZhengXin chicken in the ultimate challenge to do publicity, let more people know the brand, but also has its own distinct characteristics, soon this product is very popular, has become an explosion of products this is a chicken, ZhengXin love time all over the country.

finally, do beta.

this is a very important step to do so is to estimate the product can become explosive, if measured when we do not love this product, you need to adjust the product, until the majority of people love, but also to weave some tasting events around the country group, consumers reflect.

a small catering as long as the above points, to create a successful explosion is not difficult!

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