Open milk franchise shop operating recommendations

There are a lot of

milk powder market, the market demand, profit space attractive, franchisees naturally refused to ignore. Want to open milk shop, get a good profit, need to do? If you are not very understanding of this issue, you can learn to make a small series, I hope you can find a suitable method of operation.

1, the principle of minimum reserves: to ensure that the inventory of goods in the store varieties and specifications are not less than the safety stock line".

2, the principle of unity: all display products on the shelves, the label must unify Chinese trademark facing consumers, can achieve uniform and beautiful eye-catching display effect, commodity display overall style and tone to be unified.

3, full display principle: operating milk powder stores to make their own merchandise display rack, so full display. This can not only increase the fullness and visibility of the display of goods, but also to prevent the display of the location of competing products crowding.

4, Duitou specification principle: Duitou display and display shelves is different: more prominently display a manufacturer of goods. Whether the wholesale market or supermarket Duitou display boxes piled on display, should follow the principle of overall coordination, specification. Such as supermarkets Duitou supermarket is often the best position, manufacturers pay a high price buy to do a special display of products, from the pile of Wai, price card, product placement to POP configuration must conform to the principle of display.

5, the principle of the golden region: hand and eye display between the position, according to the sales and profits of goods, reasonable and scientific arrangements for the gold display area of goods and surface.

small ideas: first, according to the brand display, the same brand of different series can be according to the prices from low to high display two, display, according to the product features such as professional, second class, improve immunity, intestinal area and so on, three experts display method: according to the different number of groups, in order to increase sales volume. Such as: a box of 58 yuan, together with the sale of three boxes of $150.

open milk powder stores need to pay attention to many details, and sometimes, a small business details may have a great impact on the store business. The above analysis is helpful to you? Hurry up to learn it, I hope you can pay attention to a similar problem, the right way to make their own shop business is getting better and better.

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