Management skills of fashion brand underwear

fashion underwear is people close to baby, now, more and more people pay attention to the choice of underwear, therefore, the choice of underwear stores more and more people choose a good brand of underwear is the first step, how to manage money is as important as the underwear store.

  a join the brand underwear, underwear brand choice: choose what brand of underwear, according to the economic situation, the local people’s consumption level to determine if the choice of domestic underwear brand general towns and small city, usually in the low-end brand production in the price of comparative advantage; if in the large and medium-sized city or the high level of consumption area, can choose international lingerie brands or domestic high-end brands, after all, economic strength is the pursuit of fashion, whether it is domestic brand franchise brand of underwear, or International brand underwear to join the brand, the manufacturers must have a certain strength and long-term development of the market’s determination; and the brand management of product quality and research and development technology must be excellent.

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