A person’s tea web site

for the first time in Admin5 contributions, here and everyone to accept their own site story. One idea has always been to build a profitable website. Market quotations based on their own advantages. Finally choose to build a tea website, is today’s "think twice" tea.

domain name selection

When the

domain name is a very painful process, what kind of domain name is good? What kind of domain name for themselves? So crazy in the network view, finally summarizes the conclusion that a good domain name can let the dog registration. Later, the domain name was chosen as a general framework:

1. must be 4 bit


2. must be Com’s international domain name,

3. must sign up for

at regular sites

4. must be the domain name is not registered (O (a _ U) O ~


after a toss, the domain name as 34ba.com

Selection of


domain name selected, space does not matter. As long as it’s cheap and stable. There’s room for asp.net, and SQL server is OK.

Construction of


through its own coding, the site is perfect day by day. They are all in their designs.

Promotion of


website in construction, but also to do promotion. Google’s collection is the first product I’ve seen. But Google is not how to buy my account, included has not been good, usually around 100. But this is much better than Baidu, Baidu is the most stingy, only included 10. Other can also, want to YAHOO, soso, Youdao included, the situation is impressive. Each day brings more than 400 independent IP through search engines. This is more proud of me.

Operation of


Online shopping is the most important thing in

online shopping malls. But online transactions are cost effective. First, you have to log in to the site. It will cost me 4000 RMB to record online shopping mall. This is not acceptable to me. Too much, all this money, what he gave me money, he gave me what to do, what services they offer to me. Put this on record.

cannot record online transactions, it can be done, only heard of Alipay completed, Alipay is not required for website. But registered Alipay account to pay back the money, to pay 600 fast transaction fee. Pay again. Quit. Why do you want money?. What can I do? The deal is out of the question. I can’t help it. It’s only telegraphic transfer now. Through the bank to the money on the account, I am in delivery.

is now this mode of operation, the effect is good, the volume of transactions is still very high. Better than I expected. There are 5 to five times a day

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