From bit change name to speak of, why these 10 brands always for small name kink

in order to have a good name, those big brands will always be entangled with endless, including drops, Tmall, Jingdong, Google and so on, what are they for?


this article is from the media, "technology company value" (Tech-value) authorized Baidu exclusive debut.

name is a big learning, name means brand, for Internet Co is particularly important. In September 9th, a taxi didn’t change its name accidentally". But do you understand, in order to have a good name, drops, Tmall, Jingdong, those big brands always tangled endless?. Brother here to turn from the value index (should be re energized, lifting index) aspects of user acceptance and brand value, to analyze these, Internet or technology company, now turn over, how to live better than the original, or the


1. drops: from "didi" to "drops", and then "didi trip" Nirvana rebirth

turnover index: it assumes

user approval: 80%

brand value: 85%


September 9th, Didi taxi officially renamed "drops travel."". According to media reports, "didichuxing.com" and "didichuxing.cn" two domain names, as early as this year’s June, August, was Beijing small orange Technology Limited (drop taxi registration company) registered. In addition, China Trademark network shows that the small orange Technology Co., Ltd. will "drop trip" 4 categories of trademarks and "didi travel" 4 categories of trademarks in the bag. In order to change the name to pieces is "long". But what is the reason behind? Look at the taxi drops renamed course, is actually the process of striking one snag after another.

May 2014 20, because the trademark was registered by a company in Hangzhou, do not want to get on the "trouble" of "didi taxi", changed to "drop taxi."". After entering in 2015, by successively enrich their major business lines, it will launch its own special car, and other relevant departments have been offline express repeatedly considered illegal car service, brother here think this value, drops from the taxi drops into travel ", in fact the story behind a lot, one of which is in order to enhance the sharing of travel more broad market breadth; because the car has not been in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places recognized drops but take weiweijiuzhao strategy, but also to rise third, weft competition; said drops will start with its own brand of car service, but also the passive position on their own car to be able to completely reverse. However, from the user acceptance, the drop trip also need to test the market, brand value promotion, drip travel will be more with Uber

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