Can you afford and can not afford Taobao micro Amoy worth attention


April 11th, at a private opinion exchange meeting, Taobao very low-key release of beta mobile phone products, "micro Amoy."". "Micro Amoy" in Taobao’s internal Taobao mobile terminal is regarded as the first step in social change, and I hope in the mobile terminal to provide users with "stroll" content.

Taobao has been in the social work for users of Taobao 10th anniversary, the theme of the forum is a simple variant, said, Taobao is in the 10 years before the establishment of an ecological system including sellers, engineers, models and other parties involved in the future, Taobao hopes to buyers also deeper into the ecological system, let the buyer not only can complete the shopping and social sharing. Taobao launched before the PC side of social products are not up to the mission, micro Amoy can bear the burden of it?

1, micro Amoy what is it,


some people say that micro Amoy is Taobao’s micro-blog, and some people say that micro Amoy is Taobao’s WeChat, and some people say that micro Amoy is Taobao’s new shopping guide community. Perhaps the concept and name are not important, micro Amoy at least show Taobao mobile shopping and user mobile habits pay attention to.

, vice president of Taobao wireless division Bu Ying said that in 2012 there were 99 sellers turnover of tens of millions in the Taobao mobile phone, even some sellers said mobile phone terminal traffic has more than 90%, but they are almost in the mobile phone Taobao what can do so, 2013 is the key year Taobao mobile variant, business structure and product structure of mobile phone Taobao will be great changes.

Bu Ying said that in the mobile terminal, the user shopping behavior more fragmented time to "stroll", which is with the PC side Taobao "shop + search" style shopping is completely different.’s CMO Li Yanzhu also said: "Taobao official if you find standardized products, or a clear understanding of what you want to buy, it is really good, the conversion rate is particularly high.". But if you want to look at clothes or something, you’re really going to die."

for now,, beauty, pocket shopping and other independent app can better meet the needs of users to "stroll" demand. mobile phone users per day peak hours are on the way to work in the morning, lunch time and sleep before, reflecting the characteristics of leisure and entertainment.


micro Amoy background, while the mobile shopping behavior of mobile shopping trends and different users is on the rise at the end of the PC, one side is unable to meet the user demand to the traditional "Taobao store display + search" information presentation and beauty and have sprung up to allow users to more personalized shopping habits app shopping.

micro Amoy first problem is how to generate a lot of more suitable for users to browse the contents of the mobile terminal, which is to allow users to have something to stroll around. At present, the beta version of the most basic function is attention. Through the micro Amoy open platform, sellers, talent and media opinion institutions can independently generate content, establish their own official accounts, to >

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