Some suggestions for imitating station owners

before writing this article, want to ask the webmaster, his ideas do you have? Do you have imitation station (and others station do you used as like as two peas)? Support imitation station? What do you think of your imitation station


in today’s society, the rapid pace of life, making office workers and other networks have a lot to rely on, the brain fuzzy ideas in the mold of a lot, do not know what to think about.


chance, found a program, suddenly thought of, what they want to do, in the service of local consumer platform, we all know that now is a lot of business advertising, media, network hype, new brands, consumers or the member interaction forms half believe and half doubt, consumption sharing platform, it can solve the problem, his feelings are from the consumer shops, the members of their own release, the authenticity of information is greatly improved, it is different with the comment is that the localization operation, accurate information to form video shops, high streets and back lanes, more vivid, more trust.

finally spent more than a month, will build a good site, Hefei consumer network has a sense of accomplishment, and then is put into the content and promotion of the site. In a bubble to see "love Hefei consumer network style altar who can provide", was very surprised, and damn it? See, the boy said "I love Hefei consumer network style, the author hopes to provide or which imitation", thought a good. For a good imitation of it, this is not just a website… This is the painstaking effort of an stationmaster and ideal (each stationmaster thinks so), so easy to be able to say "offer"… Imitating station…" Then found that more and more multi station appeared, and made out exactly the same, quite "cattle B" (which specific I do not say), after seeing really depressed..

here, I would like to tell the love of the webmaster, do stand, not by "cow B technology", not by a whim, but ideas and perseverance. The layout of the website does not know, can, you can study, I do not oppose to draw lessons from, because each person’s idea is limited, find the deficiency of others to make up for oneself, can make a better station. There’s no law at all. Today, copy this, tomorrow, that can be successful,


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