How exactly is the flow realized The life and death of social quiz websites

/ Li Zhiyong,

in the know there have been such a problem: if a web site to Sina + micro-blog + Douban + features full integration will happen? In answer to most people such as opposition:

you are a hodgepodge of just started, users come from, where is not characteristic, bring them together, they are characteristics, tend to make a hodgepodge of product features, more to attract users.

, however, know about Sina micro-blog + + Douban + public comment

this problem proposed in 2011, after a lapse of 3 years after looking back, the most amazing thing happened, you look at the know, it is said above this fusion, with almost all the desired fusion feature of this problem, then the questioner’s expectations are as follows:

, Sina, micro-blog,

advantages: there are many celebrities, there are many different voices, can be very good to expand their knowledge, of course, entertainment is also more

disadvantage: the total sensory interaction is too small and the activity is limited,


advantages: many students, users should be very closely related, mutual trust between the highest

disadvantages: low quality, for me personally, the use of value is getting lower and lower,

watercress net

advantages: book reviews, reviews, and relatively high quality

disadvantages: content is unitary, sociality is insufficient, feel a bit too literary and artistic

public comment

advantages: many resources, if necessary, to comment,

disadvantage: this shouldn’t be a social networking site, but it’s still dependent on relationships with people (evaluation of the same store) and so on. Function list,

The fact that

has all the features above actually has some inherent reasons.


implies behind it is the three basic characteristics of social question and answer websites: SNS, forum and knowledge management. Specific corresponds to now know, then, the information flow on the home page reflects the SNS attribute, the topic reflects the knowledge management attributes, and the discovery is reflected in the BBS attribute. These three attributes are on the basic characteristics of the above-mentioned major sites, micro-blog and everyone is SNS, watercress reviews, reviews, etc., is similar to the extension of the forum, and public comment is a sort of knowledge. Mixing the three is the destruction of the old world of creativity, the damage in question and answer the fundamental need to cut the entrance, plus a little bit of celebrity, detonated people in need of knowledge and information sharing, finally accomplished almost know this social question.

knows it’s prosperous, but it’s on the Q & a website

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