Hualong Xiang Qian Yu Combat secret local community portal operation method

jointly organized by the "stationmaster" magazine and Anhui Internet Alliance webmaster lecture has to the seventeenth period, this time we invited the general manager from Jiangsu Changzhou Changzhou dragon culture media Co., Ltd. Qian Yu, the founder of the Dragon (hualongxiang.com) is Changzhou’s largest regional portal and the local community, posted on 5W, more than PV per day 180W, for example a well-known local community. Money always has a wealth of experience in community operations, and the success of many communities has been successful.

current lecture main group, live group two groups of 500 people, a large group has been full, the number of participants exceeded 1000 people’s Congress, new to the webmaster can add 500 people, new group lecture broadcast group: 17581177, free participation. But please respect the learning environment, we will always T never speak webmaster, let more want to learn the webmaster come in. For more information, please pay attention to the lecture station SNS (http://s.53w.net).

, from the creation process of long lane on the value of media

Bone Bones: let me first introduce the process of creating our website. Long lane was officially founded in 2005, I was in Changzhou TV Advertising Department of advertising planning, and former university teacher, the advertising media industry. But I have nothing to do with the network. Television, newspapers, magazines have done, it should be said that these media experience makes me very clear understanding of the value of the Internet in the region.

because I was doing a ratings survey at Changzhou TV station, I found some very valuable data. In 2006, the daily exposure time of the core audience Internet increased from 53 minutes in 2001 to 156 minutes in 2006, exceeding the television, becoming the longest contact time media. The media have a witticism, who occupy your life longer, who is more valuable to the media.

bone: in recent years the city of Internet users Internet localization is very clear, Sina, Sohu and other national portal information acquisition time is shortened, and more inclined to access their love, and close to the side of the content. The most frequently used and most popular web users are some excellent local websites. With the Internet penetration into all aspects of people’s lives, more and more people begin to use the Internet to find bus transfer information, life service facilities, consumer sites…… Even among Internet users, the Internet has replaced the telephone as their primary information inquiry and help tool. In other words, in the past few years, we are still emphasizing the internationalization of domestic Internet sites, and now should be more pragmatic thinking of regionalization of the internet. Tencent President Ma Huateng said, "Tencent through the market survey found that the domestic 80%~90% advertising share comes from local regional markets, represented by real estate advertising, but also completely localized.". If the Internet industry wants to continue its development, it must expand the regional market." The source of the existing local traditional media advertising market is the regional media advertising revenue.

two, talk about Regional Internet media >

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