Title changes in ranking, actual combat experience

Baidu for Title’s writing, although not much explanation, but deliberately pile up keywords is considered unfriendly performance. Home title is one of the most important factors in Baidu optimization. At present, there is a station www.1348.com.cn (Dongguan website construction), the main purpose of this station is through the change of TITLE, so as to achieve the top ranking.

do not know, we all know that the relevant long tail word ranking, you can promote the main keywords ranking first.

              < title> Dongguan website construction | Dongguan website design | Dongguan Dongguan | construction network web site production | Dongguan | Dongguan network company |< /title>

This is

above the site before the title, because the website construction in Baidu keyword competition is relatively strong, so from the start when I put the site of the long tail word keyword positioning method in the construction site, the effect is very good construction sites in Dongguan, Dongguan website design, Dongguan website production the related word in the long tail Baidu has been ranked first in nature, the web site is new sites that rank very well. Through the long tail word to promote the main keywords ranking, front effect also reached. The term "website construction" naturally ranks 12. Believe a little change, the title will achieve better results. So today, change the title as follows:

this change is mainly to repeat the site construction, and the keyword stack to reduce the suspicion. Because the title used before, I added the relevant keywords to the title.

Baidu ranked ahead of the key is more important, if your website weight is not very high in the case of the proposal or the less Braille write the title, so focus on faster reflect your site where faster get good natural ranking, not too greedy to put all the keywords Baidu, do not know what is you want to assault.

expected effect:

Dongguan website construction | Dongguan website design web pages ranking individual estimates Dongguan} is not out of the word is important, the construction site, the three words, as long as you can keep, or there is a market in Dongguan, my order is to find a lot of Baidu.

site construction is still temporarily maintained third pages, today changed title, I personally estimate, within a week, may be fully updated to second pages.

would like to pay attention recently,


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