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last week, a signed "Founder Securities rabbit Jun 123" 601901 the seller communication group analyst Liao Lei roadshow video quickly became popular in financial circles, caused by the securities investment circles especially strong repercussions buyer who, among the most sought after "Red Net" ranks. Haitong Securities 600837, the coal industry beauty analyst Li Miao set off a "Yan value + research value" of the second wave of high tide.

in Papi sauce won ten million yuan investment, net red economy is being more and more investors attention and attention. China Merchants Securities 600999 pointed out that, in the strict sense, "net red" is not new, but the concept of "net red economy" was put forward in the last two years. To achieve the leap from "net red" to "Red Net economy", we need high-quality social assets and appropriate business models. With the changes in consumer trends, the electricity supplier faces product homogenization, high traffic acquisition costs, low conversion rates and many other issues, as well as changes in the way consumers access to information, net red economy in the past two years, the rapid development.

editor’s note: with the rapid jump Papi sauce red, "red" one word is swept rash and too much in haste. Burst table Amoy girl to have a unique style of gaming from the anchor value from "Yan Yan, Jian beauty value" to "edge network analyst red" listed companies, "red" has become a unique new economic species. In this change, the concept of "A share net red" is also brewing.

"online foreign trade e-commerce environment has been formed, and 2013 is an important turning point of foreign trade e-commerce."." Wang Shutong says. After the big layoffs at the end of 2011, Dunhuang net is rapidly recovering, and co sponsored the APEC SME summit foreign trade e-commerce forum. Dunhuang network is also taking advantage of the launch of open platform for the whole foreign trade, pay for performance, to attract domestic sellers.

said the Ministry of Commerce deputy inspector Nie Linhai, Chinese, foreign trade situation is very serious, but is the rapid development of foreign trade business. Ministry of Commerce survey of Yiwu show that in 2012, Yiwu foreign trade B2B sellers have 12, B2C sellers 11, fast selling, turnover increased by 400%. Yiwu sellers in Dunhuang online trading volume of more than 100 million yuan, an increase of 45%. Warburg Pincus yellow if the most obvious to many enterprises, suggested that the price of goods sold overseas, such as wrist, chest and other sports accessories, digital peripheral products, a variety of horticultural products, the surrounding decor etc..


2016 net red accelerated expansion

following is an interview with Dunhuang net CEO Wang Shutong memoir:

is different from the general impression of the content, in Western dress and leather shoes sat, although still report of every rhythm roadshow is common, but the form and the Liao Lei youth network short video of the adorable state high Yan value image to report serious adds a bit of affinity and relaxed. A buyer’s agency researcher explains why a road show video quickly became popular: "we are happy to see the emergence of such relatively easy research services.". Overall, the brokerage research report is relatively serious and boring. If you add a more level language, or use a more relaxed way of performance, readers will be more receptive."


foreign trade providers can have completely different performance with domestic electricity supplier, Wang Shutong talked about 3 reasons. First, foreign trade business real is highlighted, very pragmatic, low hair money, rarely on the market as the domestic electricity supplier shopping as a price war, and the face of the mature European and American enterprises, advocates of customer service, rather than kill the price of domestic enterprises.


insiders said that with the 90 to the front desk, due to rich material life, >

the past, foreign trade business that only standardized products can go out now, the basic China manufacturing products like beach motorcycle, boats and other large fitness equipment can go out. Third, Europe and the United States and other countries manufacturing hollow, and China is the largest manufacturing base, international buyers through online procurement of Chinese products will become stronger and stronger. Now, in addition to Europe and the United States market, Russia, Brazil, Southeast Asia and other countries of the third echelon market has risen.

when the domestic vertical electric providers have closed or were bought by Jingdong, Dangdang, into the huge loss of business platform, the price war died down, good news from the foreign trade business. According to Dunhuang network CEO Wang Shutong revealed that the overall profitability of foreign trade providers are good. Foreign trade e-commerce is a unique landscape, Dunhuang net in 2011 has also achieved sustained profitability.

network CEO Wang Shutong Tencent technology plan

net red economy market size of over one hundred billion

if 2015 is the first year of net red, then 2016 will be a year of great economic development. Live APP Ma Yun micro-blog emerge in an endless stream, announced that Tmall will be settled beauty, tourism and other fields of video broadcast, entertainment is more Shenxianshizu, Liu Tao, Luhan and other stars have turned anchor, and recently, A shares under the "first red net" lidaxiao 1 billion yuan valuation stimulus, the major brokerage firms have begun to try with live interpretation of market and the major sector investment opportunities. Among them, the most market sense of the two market analysts, the most rapid action.

this is also quite different from the Alibaba B2B business front end charge. Wang Shutong pointed out that the B2B front charging time is over, the future is expected to open should be free, more traditional companies to lower the threshold to the field of electronic commerce can be stationed in foreign trade, she even dreamed of such a free and open platform will detonate the entire foreign trade electricity market a new round of reform.

Tencent Technology: domestic electricity supplier is now very bleak, you too!

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