Who said Shanghai Longfeng decline and long tail keywords

you get more long tail keywords. If the internal links do not, so want to have ranking is not easy. So, for the huge data, how to do the internal links between the long tail keywords, this is the difference between a master and rookie of the Shanghai dragon. Here we can see what. Sina, some of the practices of NetEase and other large sites, for each of the long tail keywords, we must have at least ten or so in the entrance of their website, without affecting the experience effect, give yourself some more long tail keywords as possible entrance.

?What is the long tail keywords


3, must let users create content

, now the Shanghai dragon can take effect in addition to the long tail, there are other effects? We love Shanghai open search keywords in any industry, we will see the seven or eight bidding. Then in the encyclopedia, know, library, experience, and even some authoritative websites in the industry. So even if there are down your main keywords ranking, so the effect is not too strong! So, Shanghai dragon still useful? Of course, we do not forget the Shanghai dragon and a long tail keywords construction of

We talk about

, blogs, forums, quizzes, user messages are now commonly used, allowing users to our website content creation tools. One of the aims is to increase the long tail keywords website, to attract more traffic! For some query functions of the website, we can record the user’s query records, this is also our users to create long tail keywords. Although the methods are not a but the ultimate goal is the same.

The number of

1, long tail keywords

our long tail keywords can also be called accurate keywords. For example, a word I search, I want to register a trademark, but I did not understand. I registered the trademark search keywords, the word is the main keywords. As I searched for "trademark registration is a process of" how this is a long tail keywords.

internal link

if you want to do the long tail keywords, then there should be enough of the long tail word, for some industries especially suitable for long tail keywords layout. For example, the patent trademark industry, because the data available are hundreds of millions of data, and these data are all of us can share. So we need to put these data available for use, built a large user long tail keywords thesaurus, the flow is very considerable.

long tail keywords, search the word less. But because of the huge user group! So the search volume is not small. According to the introduction of some introduced Shanghai Longfeng skills book, long tail keywords can occupy about 70% of the site traffic, so this article makes detailed introduction of long tail keywords

to do the long tail keywords to do the following factors

2, long tail keywords For example,

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