People show grace xiabanzi love luxury brand and business China love to kill


reporter Zhao Yufei Chongqing reported

international luxury brand of Chinese electricity supplier can be described as "love": on the one hand, many international luxury brands to open up the market and China down "marry" China business, on the other hand due to the problem of fake Chinese electricity giant to "boycott". What is the reason for the relationship between the two so embarrassing? How to operate this seemingly is not equal to "marriage"


in recent years, the rapid growth of the Chinese market for the development of high-end consumers, many international luxury brands have fought electricity supplier. However, Chinese electricity giant Alibaba recently announced to join the international anti fake alliance, many international luxury brands have to exit to boycott the world anti fake union eventually suspended the membership of the Alibaba.

insiders pointed out that the reason for the international luxury brand China business platform "love", because many luxury brands fought electricity supplier under the background of the market downturn is upset, and luxury brands have been suffering from the electricity supplier fake distress. The two to achieve more smooth cooperation, not only need innovation cooperation mode, it needs a series of policy escort.

people show affection after the "trip"

in recent years, as the development prospects of Chinese market, more and more international luxury brands began to lay down and fought electricity supplier. At the end of March this year, Tmall teamed up with glamour into the luxury market, the sale of George · Armani (Giorgio Armani), Fendi (Fendi) and other dozens of high-end brand products. At the same time, the Swiss watch brand Schaffhausen IWC IWC also began selling WeChat products in the social networking tool.

actually, the first involving electricity providers and new media and profit from the luxury brand is from Britain’s Burberry (Bo). Bobai to April 2014 successfully settled China electricity supplier’s online mall, becoming the first opened in China B2C shop on the top luxury brand. At the same time, burberry has been China as strategic, but also intensify cooperation with Chinese many well-known electricity supplier in the market of cosmetic fragrance.

following Bo Bo Li, more luxury brands have chosen the third party platform. Even once very exclusive Internet sales of French luxury brand recently announced, is expected to launch a global business network in September 2016 or at the end of the year.

According to a survey of more than 10 thousand mainland Chinese consumers by KPMG last year,

said that about 45% of respondents said that most of its luxury goods were online. They said that for the unit price of 4200 yuan in the following luxury goods, they can rest assured to pay online, this figure more than doubled over the previous year.

, however, the international luxury brands and the Chinese electricity supplier has a complex feelings. In April 13th this year, China’s electricity supplier giant Alibaba announced to join the international anti fake alliance. This >

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