Lurking in the QQ group which high-income earners

is now more and more difficult to record, in particular, but also to add a link to the scene to take pictures, many owners have a free time to complain, despise those who make the filing policy. As a professional network of people, I do not want to go to the national record of the policy is reasonable, because the state does not listen to me, so I tube is superfluous. I put aside the time to save a record for the record of the policy of the birth of a new industry, on behalf of the record.

he lurks in my QQ group, I have a few groups have him, 1688 wholesale network in the group of people occasionally can see his shadow, his screen name is fast filing". Because the QQ is set to "Q me", the name is "quick record" name is always in the QQ group in the first row, there are new people into the group, he would welcome a facial expression, someone in the group to speak he would take a sentence, in fact he is to let people to see his name, because his name is his advertisement.

a couple of times I’d like to take him out of the group T, because my group is not allowed to send advertising, but then I thought, well, a meal is not easy, not to mention he didn’t have obvious what advertising, and he can also help me to meet new people, let him go. A few days ago in the new group and I found him, he was still welcome new people into the group, I asked him one day to earn, his answer was beyond my expectations, "a day more than and 100 single, a single can earn 5 yuan, in the past I saw such a day to earn 500 yuan words excited, now I see a day to earn 500 yuan this title is to hit a computer, but did not think with me but lurking earn 500 yuan a day really the master and I was wrong.

group where a lot of people do not believe that he is bragging, but I believe that, because I have seen him in many groups, that he is very good at doing, webmaster QQ group, too much, he has now added a few hundred, every day is still constantly, every day new customers there are repeat customers, should add up can reach 100 single.

and I found he had a lot of research on QQ group promotion,

1 he set the QQ to "Q me" status to improve the display.

2 QQ group to newcomers he will welcome, which will give new impression.

3 never speak first, because in the QQ group if you speak first easy as advertising is the main play, but the reply to the speech of others, kicked rate is very low, and the propaganda effect is the same.

4 QQ is just his money making tool, rarely used to chat, really put the project as a career to do.

many people like to study complex things, they think the more complex things to do less people, so certainly can make money. In fact, this is not the case, the real good projects are the easiest way to use, the easier the more successful, everyone’s Day is only 24 hours, can do a simple thing is not

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