The number of registered domestic.Asia million net share of the first

It is reported that

, Chinese largest domain name registration service provider China civilink is currently has a number of.Asia most of the domain name registration service provider. Is also the world’s first successful submission of.Asia domain name service provider.

At present,

.Asia is still in the trademark registration, the DotAsia Registration Bureau said, until mid January are trademarks of the priority of registration period,.Asia domain name for the enterprise or the trademark holder preferred open registration, only after the general public official registration.

Chinese civilink said that although.Asia the latest top-level domain name registration has just started, to allow enterprises to understand the application of.Asia and.Asia, also need to vigorously campaign, but the first to understand.Asia’s most famous enterprises have been registered. A large number of well-known enterprises to choose.Asia registered in China million net, the country has become the network.Asia registered users the most registered service providers.


nets from September 20th this year to carry out pre registration procedures, the other agent registered providers are from the beginning of October 9th, early for nearly 20 days of time, so the world’s first.Asia domain name is registered successfully by Chinese civilink.

in the trademark registration period,.Asia is used in competitive bidding, a change in the past who first registered who should get in the way of DotAsia, vice president of community relations Joe king said the EU.Eu started at the time of registration, the first to win, so they rob to open the registration conditions when bidding is chaos. In order to avoid confusion, then make the same domain registration enterprises also have access to the domain of the opportunity, taking into account the principle of fair competition. But Mr. Qiao reminder, I hope the Asia Pacific region, as soon as possible to register the business and trademark holders to register, so as not to miss the trademark registration period, resulting in unnecessary losses.

China nets also reminded that, from November 13th onwards, all will open the second stage registered trademark registration, will be registered enterprise name and trademark name derivative, more room, so it is bound to attract more trademark holders and enterprise user registration, the need to protect or use the name of derivative business users should be timely to the enterprise the name of the registered trademark name and derivative.

was founded in 1996 is the largest China Chinese network, domain name and web hosting service providers; the world famous brand internet service industry; pioneer Chinese virtual mainframe technology, the domestic industry has maintained a leading position in technology; the first Chinese by ICANN (Internet domain name system are one of the highest authority) accredited registrar; self 1999 has always won the CNNIC (domain name CN top management) outstanding agents ranked first; in the global Internet traffic monitoring website website ranking in the same industry has always maintained the first place; the first in the industry through the ISO9>

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