Tmall responded 11 double fake zero tolerance for fake frozen shop


technology news December 11th afternoon message, according to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce today exposure Tmall Shop No. 1 double eleven selling fake issue, micro-blog released this afternoon Tmall official responded that the fake "zero tolerance", has been under the frame of 3 pieces and 1 pieces of goods involving fake substandard goods, and freeze involving fake shops. The question, will be closed shop, shop to return.

today announced that the official website of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, "double eleven" this year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce interviewed 10 well-known third party network trading platform, and fully affirmed the network trading platform to a positive role in promoting the development of the network economy, also points out some serious problems of illegal operation, to remind the owner of the platform to fulfill the statutory obligations of self-examination, correction, express regulatory authorities will take follow-up measures.

then, our implementation of the State Administration for Industry and commerce network sampling act, according to Jingdong, Tmall mall, shop No. 1, Amazon, suning.com, jumei.com, and vip.com’s Lasafo, commissioned third party inspection agency conducted a sampling of the B2C class business platform on November 11th sales of goods.

and check the result is unsatisfactory, Tmall, shop No. 1, Suning and other websites are selling phenomenon in the double eleven day. (munan)

Tmall micro-blog following the full text of the response:

Tmall has been on fake we also adopt a zero tolerance attitude, through a variety of mechanisms and selling behavior investigation. As long as the merchant selling a fake, will be repaying, deduct the full deposit, never cooperation. Informed of the results of the industrial and commercial administration of sampling, Tmall has 3 pieces of fake goods involved in the shelf and the 1 substandard goods, and regulation, the freezing of fake shops involving 3. Verified with information, we will according to the rules of the shop closed shop, to return.

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