Red Book founder readme two transformation is only one reason

transformation from shopping Raiders community, and then the transformation of electricity providers, small red book all the way all the way red. Its users from the beginning is explosive growth, did not spend a penny advertising, and each upgrade is driven by the user, just 5 months turnover soared to 200 million, the conversion rate of up to 8%.

"if I had 200 editors, I would have been a failure." Little red book founder and CEO Mao Wenchao has said that the future life of young people in China is not a few people can decide, they should say. Little red book select UGC mode, the biggest feature is to dig the real user.

it is understood that the little red book 50% of the users is the first tier cities after the 90 and to the majority of students and white-collar workers, of which women accounted for up to 70% ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ (). The average user opens the APP more than 50 times a month, the use of time more than 130 minutes, the average of 1 users in the APP under the single three.

for this achievement, the little red book in the end with what kind of secret? The day before, Mao Wenchao shared the growth process of the little red book in a public event, and from the product level tells the story of the little red book created and it is how to obtain the seed users.


(Mao Wenchao, little red book founder and CEO. Shanghai Jiaotong University graduate, worked at Bain consulting, private Bain, after attending Standford MBA, 2013 home business. June 2013 creation of the little red book.


following Mao Wenchao readme content:

our Slogan is to find good things abroad, little red book hope to help after 85, 90, which represents the next generation of Chinese consumers to find a good thing in the world.

little red book is 100% mobile Internet Co, APP integration of the community and electricity providers. Users can share or find through the community, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Europe and the world a good commodity; we through the welfare agency to provide you with a good thing to buy electricity supplier channels.

Little Red Book How to attract female users in the 90 groups burst red what is the reason?

currently, 90% of our users are women, of which 90 percent are 50%. In my opinion, the key to attract users, is able to impress users and meet their core needs.

simply, China’s younger generation to enhance the ability to consume, hoping to find some more able to match their own lifestyle and their own awareness of life goods. But the domestic counter category of Goods Co., Taobao and other platforms are more dragons and fishes jumbled together sellers. Consumers want to buy goods from around the world.

even shopping abroad, shopping knowledge is relatively scarce. For example, I have been to Japan drug store, but cannot read, the language of cosmetic limited understanding of other reasons, even know drugs

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