The future development direction and trend analysis of electronic commerce

e-commerce, that is, electronic + business, since 1997, has gone through nearly 14 years of history. During the emergence of a number of outstanding e-commerce giant, from a certain point of view, changed the way people consume, for the majority of Internet users to add a new life experience.

review of the development of electronic commerce, the author from the user’s point of view is divided into several stages: 2001 -2003, consumer at the trial stage, the user experience is the largest shopping e-commerce platform brought by surprise and scary; 2004 -2007 years, with the advancement of e-commerce, more and more businesses use this platform to carry out sales. So the low competition bred, more businesses to attract users at a low price, consumers are also aimed at affordable price; in 2008 -2010, the electronic commerce booms, users care about is the quality of the goods, business services and logistics facilities; after 2010, the buyer’s personality began to disperse, the electronic commerce has homely food, buy the process is no longer any joy, return to the real nature of online shopping and shopping.

what is the nature of shopping the basic needs – to meet the needs of the real life through shopping to meet the fun – to meet the needs of a variety of psychological shopping. In the current era, the latter reflects the nature of shopping. In today’s society, great wealth of items, users no longer buy the merchandise not readily available and excited; a significant departure from the price and the value, the user will no longer buy cheap goods and Anxi; logistics channel retail, A new force suddenly rises. line, the user is not convenient short sigh. When consumers face a cold computer screen, there is a little worried, there are doubts, lonely to the selection of a commodity should or should not, without trust friend suggestions, not sharing the joy of purchase……. The development of e-commerce today, from a simple electronic + business has been far from satisfying the needs of the user’s shopping pleasure, the spread of this lonely people just keep away from the fun of shopping. We may wish to pay attention to the process of consumer shopping in reality, go shopping, 35 of products, mutual exchange of views and information commenting, bargain bargaining power…… The process of shopping is a leisure process, the process of looking for fun. Today’s online shopping is killing this fun, the trend of the development of e-commerce, there is no other way to solve it?

I recently experienced such a web site to share with you – love woman network, in order to stand as an example to explore the future direction of e-commerce development. Love a woman is a network of community vertical cosmetics online shopping mall, we can be attributed to the SNS community +B2C this form, in this website at the mall, we smell the vertical concept of professional cosmetics, the beauty of the platform of the community of people together, everyone around the beautiful topic of interest congenial, like-minded. We see in addition to the mall’s column, there are some, such as "ninety percent off in the end", "visual"

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