Poly technology transfer business has unlimited creativity

migration will create a new situation in China’s business. A few years ago if people say that someone might sniff at will, a small mobile phone would not skywarp. But now put forward such an idea, probably no one will ignore. The existence of mobile commerce is the biggest variable in the market, but also the biggest expectation for the future. Poly Shang Technology (http://s.ydsw.cn/index) believe that the mobile Internet has unlimited creation, and in the future there will be more intuitive embodiment.


according to iResearch consulting statistics show that the first quarter of 2013 China Mobile Internet market size of $20 billion 420 million, an increase of 75.4%. 2012 annual data show that the mobile Internet market size of 55 billion. This is the migration of the economic creativity, it is fast, stamina, the duration is particularly long, the effect will be more obvious in the future time. There are opportunities for the creation of mobile commerce for the traditional business market is the development of innovation, it provides practitioners with new opportunities for development. Mobile business market is a new market, the size of the user has been formed, but the size of the business is still evolving, which means that the market is now entering the business can seize the opportunity to accumulate their own advantages. In addition, the move also created a new business marketing model, the model of the key products accounted for part of the service also occupies a very important unknown. The user experience is the most important of the new model, it has done in the traditional service model innovation, the customer’s experience extends to almost anywhere.

‘s creativity is also reflected in a variety of ways, such as new projects, new ways to buy. And many of these combined after the creation of the mobile Internet industry and even the Chinese business market has brought tremendous changes. Poly technology is a company specializing in the transfer of the industry, and achieved very good results. Poly still believes that the prospects for a bright future, but also need to overcome the difficulties. Especially in the early stages of the development of mobile commerce as soon as possible to achieve benefits, better play the advantages of online platform. Poly still believe that the unremitting efforts to help enterprises get the ultimate success.

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