Giants compete for rural electricity supplier this year, Hangzhou will increase 500 rural service st

Guizhou Tongren Jiangkou County Yunshe village of Tujia villagers Yang beginners can not imagine how his 92 birthday turned out to eat a meal 5000 yuan in Italy. Boston, Italy, Italy red lobster pizza, Australia eye steak and French lamb meat row, brain steak, garden salad and cream of mushroom soup, jelly pudding…… These dishes are three blondes professional chefs come to Western-style food specially made personally.

This birthday meal

Yang beginner of the village attracted onlookers, spectacular scenes. "Previously only on TV to see the foreigners eat, are now at their doorstep also eat! Although the price is not cheap, but the father was so big, how many opportunities to try this ocean stuff, but also the value of Taobao!" in the rural service station of a lot of money to buy the birthday meal Yang Yang is a beginner, daughter-in-law children have nobile. The local village Amoy station responsible person is said with a smile "the birth of the first single cross-border rural Taobao".

actually happened on the village of Taobao is far more than the villagers’ custom Italy meal". "Last year, twelve villagers have bought 2 tons of soap by village Amoy; Guizhou Tongren lost village, want to buy 2 large trucks in the village of Amoy; white cattle village of Zhejiang Changhua Town, the villagers bought 6700 walnut pliers…… If the electronic commerce in the city to cut the hand more and more houses, and the flourishing budding rural e-commerce, but also to the villagers opened another door to the big city, the window to the world.

Alibaba rural Taobao has covered nearly a thousand villages

Guangdong Fujian Youxi, Jilin Yangshan, Tongyu, Guizhou Yuping, Gansu province…… Since last year, Alibaba announced the start of thousands of villages in the county plan, the rural Taobao quietly into the village one after another. At the end of March, Taobao has been stationed in the Alibaba of rural more than and 10 provinces, covering nearly 1000 village.

in some large Alibaba data reported previously, the two or three line of the city’s purchasing power has been first-tier cities beyond the trend, and these small villages are also Amoy, refresh the purchasing power of people in rural areas of cognition. At the beginning of April, Yunnan Binchuan county 12 village Amoy point opening day sold 42 large appliances, including 19 television sets, 10 refrigerators, 10 washing machine, 2 water heaters and 1 freezers. Let the second accident is Taobao Alibaba in rural areas, rural aunt could buy underwear, popular imported milk powder is also very popular in the rural market, there are many rural businesses and small shops directly to Taobao as the purchase channels.

village Amoy cut a hole, so that the original was wrapped in a huge consumer demand began to appear. Through the village Amoy, more companies are beginning to get excited. Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd brand director Cheng Zhuo said that many companies want to do the rural market, but few companies are willing to invest a lot to laying channel village service station Amoy appearance is a positive for the enterprise. Joyoung currently has ten products suitable for the rural market, not only affordable, the function has not shrunk. According to the sales data, in the village Amoy service station of soybean milk >

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