Seize the transient outlet, 48 hours up to 200 thousand active fans operation record

micro-blog red bonus article yesterday, to this day, 48 hours, I have done 200 thousand active fans, more than 190 thousand prepaid envelopes (gold and silver), including Fan Bingbing, Yao defeated Chenzhu TFboy and other popular stars, it is worth mentioning that Fan Bingbing and other stars have 66666 big red Alipay recharge, and my red is completely filled with fans spontaneously.


this 66666 is really envy envy hate ah… I also added a lot of difficulty


but until now still beat a woman.. Just saw Wu Zetian’s finale tonight… Ha, although the number of people pay less, but the payment efficiency is very high.


fans growth:

The number of subscriptions to

has hit 310 thousand people, is three times the WeChat public platform I do, when yesterday has just started a red envelope, I give you have seen, the number of subscriptions in about more than 80 thousand, the growth of more than 200 thousand fans. The average cost of fans or to achieve a 1 yuan or so, although not cheap, but it is definitely worth watching.


in the morning to do a forwarding a lucky draw, the results are as follows:


look at the same draw conditions, fans only 210 thousand effect. It was almost 10 times, and it was only the first day.


so now the question is, how I do close to 200 thousand of the recharge? How to add the powder has relatively high efficiency? In general, only the payment of 60%-80% powder, but also gradually decay. I still do the basic 1:1. Here is a comprehensive trading record, we hope to inspire.

the first day of red envelopes, I have a secret that you recharge me, I will tell you, now give you a look at:



this turbosun is Sun Li, maybe a lot of people don’t know.

This is just a small part of the

, there are a lot of image I was later that night, I almost to no more than 200 of the price, grab the more than and 10 big V of the top three, the other person you see is also basically the bear would members, together with me to grab the headlines, these positions, when red the first is, can give you draw natural flow, you want a star, see.

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