Product selection steps in bidding

if you are very talented, long and beautiful, you can easily find a good packaging.

if you are not good, then you need to pack, dress up.

products as well.

if you have your own product, the product itself is a gap in the market, then you can through the auction to test, once can profit, so we can immediately develop quickly, if you do not, then you need the concept of product packaging and then can be extended, I for example.

I take MP3 glasses for example.

manufacturers in Shenzhen, they through the auction to market, they are mainly foreign wholesale, the whole network lowest price, 80 yuan a, more than 10 batch, and the market price is 500 yuan, so the market is very large, his business volume is very large, sales outlets across the country.

we just know that his product is profitable, we can not copy, because we do not have manufacturers, there is no lower purchase channels, so we can only look at his profit.

for example, we are bidding on the promotion day income of 500 yuan / day of the tutorial, we have an advantage, because we are the original, there is no price advantage does not matter, the key is we are original, but there is a basis can be investigated, so we can also sell well.

we said, we see other people’s advertising, the first thing that must be sure that he is profitable.

the first step, we have to determine whether we can copy his methods and products.

found that this can not be copied, because it is kind.

second step, we can see the concept of packaging.

We take the concept of packaging

is in the MP3 glasses with daily income of $500, then sold 500 yuan a set of glasses, through the auction, every 50 yuan can sell a pair of glasses, so that when we increase the intensity of sales, the same can be profitable.

so we summarize, how to copy and extend the content of other people’s bidding:

1, consider the other products can not be copied, is that we can not get the price is lower than his, and when the test was found to be profitable, including copy class: profits of products, such as health care products, health care products sold his profit, when we copy his advertising page to investment flows and as we are profitable, because he is profiteering, although we may cost a little high, but we can make profits as profit, such as our MP3 glasses, while others copy is profitable, another is to copy the class, such as training CDs, such as video files >.

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