Content is king and Emperor Wen hospital network marketing.

for private hospitals, the network promotion is rooted in the site, and many people feel that the site is simply the content, then we look at the private hospital websites are some of the content. Open the Internet private hospital andrology, gynecology, innumerable cosmetic website, stereotyped style, amazing similar content, which not only allows users to make search engines more fatigued, feel helpless. Although each hospital websites are very focused on SEO, TITLE, Keywords, carefully add Description, the front also delimits the abstract and key words, but what effect? A large number of similar content to the search engine, can only be regarded as cheating, will be right down processing.

with a large effort in the post released by CMS, as the key planning project page and answer page medical disease. Disease topic page, mainly used in the promotion of the PPC link, because the promotion of the PPC link to the website home page, the vast majority belong to a waste. The hospital answering page, is the author of the analysis of hospital website traffic statistics data found that search engines love included, or the original user question the article, may be a few words, but can actually reflect the language habits, which is to search for more users. Therefore, this type of page layout design, content arrangement, the chain navigation, are required to focus on doing.

it is undeniable that more and more of the hospital network department has attached great importance to the promotion of soft, or even as one of its daily work. But the quality of soft, and promotion, but often uneven. Soft article should be the original article, this is beyond doubt, here said the original, mainly for search engines. While the specific wording and soft Wen promotion, many articles have detailed introduction, I will discuss with you alone. Here is a brief mention, choose to release the soft sites such as forums, blogs, or a blog marketing, not only to look at how many people can pay attention to, but also to consider the weight of the website and URL, because some sites may not many people see, but search engines love. You know, a list of the top of the soft paste, it may mean that under a negative information. Similarly, the title and text of soft Wen, not only to users like, but also to let search engines like.

the advantages of soft paper can also be extended to the cooperation with the media site level, some good activities, not only to the media website reported that the hospital can also write their own newsletters, to be issued by the news website, counted as part of advertising. The news website of the article, there may be other news websites or news portals as forwarding, together with their private hospitals to reprint, better effect.

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