Utilities to track extrapolation effects and efficiency

tracking extrapolation effect and efficiency

in the network marketing popular today, almost all industries are in the network promotion, but not every enterprise can promote the network to do a lot of people even in the end a sieve, a busy life. To this end, industry experts, this situation is mostly due to the lack of experience in the promotion, do not know how to track the effect of extrapolation and efficiency.

network extrapolation is a thing everyone can do, but only a few people can do a good job. About network extrapolation, almost everyone can speak one or two words, to dig up but few people can answer it. It can be said that a lot of doing the process of network extrapolation is the way to feel the stones across the river, take this step but do not know where the next step in the end, by constantly groping forward. For this practice can not be said to be incorrect, but it can have a more clear idea. For example, it is far better to adjust and develop the promotion plan by tracking the extrapolation effect and efficiency.

in fact, experienced promoters are aware of the importance of tracking extrapolation and efficiency. But many people suffer from the tracking methods do not find suitable, resulting in their repeat things in this way, the original effect can not play out, resulting in the promotion effect and the expected deviation are increasing. But as long as the right method, these problems can be overcome. For example, the use of some professional extrapolation tools, like a cloud of claw analysis of network marketing management system in the role of this is quite outstanding, the keywords occupying status, competition situation, news source information competition situation, effective platform status, effective news source status

the current situation of the competition, such as tracking and analysis one by one, is a performance excellence tools.

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