Rain 2009 SME network marketing promotion..

2009 network marketing fire, rather than of a year before the fire, which is reflected not only in recent years has created a network of deification, and all walks of life portal’s rise, and the country to develop the Internet policy. Now we have been accustomed to the forum every day to see the bubble, hot news on the network to discuss the views. It’s all about the potential of the future, like a nuclear bomb that has been silent for one thousand years at the end of the ground, so that anyone close to it will be affected by it. The reason why the fire will look at the fire in its four aspects: price, popularity, ease of use, timeliness.

network marketing and price where?

traditional marketing advertising, telephone business promotion accounted for more than half of total marketing. The new network promotion allows you to spend a small amount of money to get the value of several times, more successful, such as Alibaba, Baidu promotion. Of course, this is just a model like: search engine optimization, online advertising..

The popularization of

network marketing

in twenty-first Century to enter the Internet and our development, its role and universality, let a person in a short time quickly learned that it will become the new darling, have joined the ranks, with Chinese users is the highest in the world, the network has clearly become an indispensable position of all things, and bring people is network marketing craze.

network marketing ease of use

posting, blog, send a message, the simple model has become a basic points of enterprise promotion, when people search for your company information on the Internet, your company appears in search results, and then let you deep into your company information, and then bring you value. Simply put it brings the effect is that the Internet will be able to become your customers.

network marketing timeliness

network is a repository of information, change the traditional habit of reading the newspaper, and turn into just a few seconds to all over the world to understand the latest developments, the interest rate increase can be to make some people to comment so as to achieve the role of propaganda.

network marketing fire is a must, it brings a change of perspective is doomed, with the progress of society, the only constant to change the marketing strategy of network marketing to be successful, but only so that you can fire a above in the network.

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