YAHOO Taiwan cable flickr.tw domain name to discuss a lawyer’s letter

      September 27th Taipei reported that large enterprises to carry out legal action to return to the network domain name of the event to add a pile, this time is the portal leading YAHOO Taiwan on the local users.

      registered and acquired by YAHOO flickr.tw and the domain name album website used as personal blog site users ckyuan, last week in his personal blog Blog of Flickr Hacks published articles that received from physical law law firm lawyer Cai Ruisen told the lawyer’s letter, registered flickr.tw domain against YAHOO (Yahoo!) in violation of trademark rights and even bargain method too, it will be required to transfer to flickr.tw. In addition to YAHOO, ckyuan posted a lawyer’s letter, and declared in a month inside the station, thank you for two years…… I am a small people, afraid of the defendant…… He said in his blog.

      ckyuan in the webmaster blog wrote that he attaches great importance to the relevant laws and regulations, and therefore decided to close the station and will return to the domain of Yahoo Corp.

      CNET try left by flickr.tw on the web site of contact with the user and YAHOO’s lawyer Cai Ruisen, but failed to get a response to before the deadline. The flickr.tw website for users to create content for the ckyuan blog, and personal development experience sharing examples related to the application of API and Flickr, a community, so YAHOO’s lawyer’s letter was open, would lead users There were many discussions.

      for example, there are users that flickr.tw provides a lot of practical Flickr website and related information in Taiwan and the Chinese region, also bluntly ckyuan through the site to do a lot of publicity for the Flickr, bluntly buyout by YAHOO after the change, Yahoo turned directly with the lawyer’s letter of warning, it would be too chilling! Signature Liya users on the website message.

      YAHOO big action to defend the domain name of the Internet, in the era of the Internet, but also reflects the network age in the network domain name as a part of the importance of brand management. For example, Apple has a registered Gao Ying iTunes.co.uk. British companies, Microsoft has also launched a lawsuit against the registered in the country of service with the company name in the same or related web site registration.

      while the CSC (Corporation Service Company), vice president of the global network domain name management service, Kanchan, was also earlier in the

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