Online shopping army germination trap Group purchase market reshuffle mighty wave crashing on a sand

online shopping has become a kind of offbeat consumption patterns, particularly among young people, online shopping appears to subvert the original shopping mode, more and more young people accustomed to the consumer through online shopping, this is a kind of consumption mode in recent years fierce. It is reported that the total number of domestic online shopping users close to one hundred million, the total annual online shopping is expected to reach about 250 billion yuan, of which the network group with the purchase of consumer groups, ultra low discount, but also gathered a lot of popularity.

but as the saying goes, Nishajuxia, in a universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, complicated, and uneven in quality especially group purchase market dragons and fishes jumbled together, began to appear more and more discordant voices. Dynamic is 66% off, the temptation of 88% off, really can bring such a big discount? This kind of discount behind the cost control in the profit model is what?.

if the first to eat crab is a group purchase model, then with more followers to enter the spoiler, then the group purchase market will inevitably cause a problem not. At present, the most eye-catching natural group purchase market is benefit greatly, but also the only way to encourage more users to choose their own website or participate in group purchase. However, the cost of control is not without limits, if you can rely on the activities of the one or two publicity, then there is no persistent activity support, user loyalty is almost zero.

but what to continue to rely on cheap temptation? Burn can really burn up? If it is not, how to do? So the question is, quietly behind the surging risk accidentaly across group purchase. So someone in the group, the site did not cash, the money paid out of their own do not know where to go. Some of the consumer group purchase website website to refund back to their own virtual account set up by the user, but the user can not put the money back to your Alipay or bank card, so that virtually the money eventually must also be on the site of consumption, which is already a forced consumption of persecuted. Some buy site in the case of poor management, the collapse of their own, the amount of consumer accounts do not know how to discuss the virtual


in fact, this has become a variety of network fraud. The association has received the group purchase complaints, including case, group purchase website at low prices as bait to attract buyers orders, followed by tight supply for reasons such as delay delivery, eventually closing the site disappeared. What’s more, the group purchase website, whether it is in the business sector, the network monitoring department, no registration, no real sense of the launch once a dispute, group purchase, consumers are looking for even the shadow of the site, not to mention the maintenance of their own interests.

due to the existence of huge traffic and user attention, now the group purchase website rise very fast, but due to low barriers to entry, group purchase website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in general into the market, a hundred flowers contend in beauty but also a lot of problems. It is worth noting that some of the wind is also concerned about the purchase of gold investment site

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