Several conditions must be met before the portal charges

      China with some portal money and profit, many network marketing research into industry portal or research a comprehensive portal to the ranks, so that soon more considerable group portal, from shopping to friends and enterprise trading is very active. However, many web site owners are worried about the charges, the following share with you a few points before the site must do a few things:

      1, average daily traffic. Because at present, whether it is in China or abroad, to assess the price of a site or website advertising, the most important indicator is the flow of the site. Here is traffic guidance target customer groups in real click and browse volume without that by cheating or a variety of tools, and fake traffic brought about by the website of some larger flow of non customers click.

      2, website information. For an industry portal or integrated portal is good, to get people interested, or become loyal website visitors, so Web site must have rich information content, learning content and professional. This information may be products, news, perhaps the industry related articles, to allow access from your website to get what he wanted, want to learn, but also let visitors get he did not want to think of the knowledge and information, let them have unexpected harvest. There is always an idea that the website will always have the knowledge and information they want.

      3, registered members and active members. On an exchange and trading as the theme of the industry portal or portal will solve a problem because the membership, membership is a big part of an industry portal site content, in fact, the network industry portal is equivalent to our traditional shopping malls, and the members of each industry portal area the equivalent of our traditional marketing in shopping malls or businesses. There is an old saying: a China is said to equal to the money, where more people, so there is better business. At present the majority of our industry portal is a B2B line, then the merchant transactions for businesses, we must first do, so that a large number of businesses to your platform, it said that we need to solve the number of members. That when there is a certain amount of your membership platform will increase the number of members of the online network, do people know that a lot of industry portal out, R & D institutions to make the platform better, to attract people, he filled a lot of information, which of course also includes part of the membership. Then these members online opportunities may be very small, when a platform, there are a lot of members, and these members of the activity is low, poor, you want to be able to generate this platform trading? Can bring profit to the businessman? This is like a street there are many stores, but are in the "state of put up the shutters.".


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