Daily cinema promotion half P million of Jiuyang Magic Power

15 days ago, on the Internet to find a free program to modify the film station a little bit, it hung up. Half a month now IP stable at 10 thousand / day, most of the traffic from Google search and Internet cafes access traffic. Below I talk about my movie station promotion method:

began to choose the domain name, I think a long time, the movie station, the domain name must remember, but the basic good record of COM are registered, all the CC domain name. that’s a good name. So 230 yuan to buy the domain name.

the first one began to log on to the website, I know the search site to submit, to the Internet to find a crack in the software to send a lot of messages to go online, personally feel good in the software is well-known in the world and the two cavalry login software, but this software should be two the charge, with a knife is cracked version.

First of all thank graph king

second strokes of the training course, according to the method inside the knife wrote an article called "100 free movie site" soft, then crazy to each relevant website, spent a week’s time, insist on sending 20 websites every day, sent to the knife hand soft.

third with all of the talk a lot is to Internet cafes to promotion, half a month and three sheet boss talk about good, that they have put soldiers home page station movie free web site, and a knife every month to pay them 50 yuan.

fourth strokes is to the students, teachers, relatives, they sell, as long as the on-line message on the past to promote my website, so that they are now a bit annoying me.

there is a free exchange of links and the movie site, hard work pays off, after half a month of hard work finally broke through the ten thousand mark IP. As of now 23:50, currently about 10 thousand and 4 of today’s traffic, ranking the world’s top about 600000. Persistence is victory, and finally welcome to my movie station to see the movie. Novice webmaster, for the first time to write articles, please support.

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