The FIA ​​will ban the copying of cars. Ferrari may…

first_imgRacing Point copied last year’s entire Mercedes, which sparked much debate about whether such a thing should be allowed in the formula at all. Racing Point was eventually punished only for violating the sports rules in the area of ​​the rear brake channels.Several opponents wanted to appeal against the decision, and some did appeal. Gradually, however, Williams, McLaren and Renault backed out. All you have to do is assure the FIA ​​that it will ban copying cars. Similarly, Ferrari is speaking now, but it wants to see the rules and wants them to be approved.“We are convinced that Racing Point violated the principles of Formula 1 with its copy of another car,” Binotto told Monza. “We therefore ask the FIA ​​to clarify what should be allowed in the future. If we are satisfied with the rules, we will also withdraw our protest. ”According to Auto Motor und Sport, the rules could already be voted on in Monza. Among other things, the FIA ​​will ban the use of 3D cameras and scanners that can be used to scan surfaces.Upon request, teams must also provide the FIA ​​with all documents related to the design process from the first line on paper to the finished product.The FIA ​​will also shed light on whether there is an exchange of information between teams about parts that each team must design themselves (now called parts).The dividing line is also important. This will be determined after the Austrian GP 2020. Racing Point can thus keep the current car.Inspiration with the opponent’s ideas will of course continue to be allowed. The FIA ​​wants to limit only the copying of whole or almost whole cars.last_img

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