Titi Papazov said for whom the protests are crashing

first_imgThe second shareholder in Levski, Titi Papazov, commented to Nova Television on the protests in the country, but did not fail to take a stand on the pressing problems of the football club.“Public distrust of everything that happens is a problem, not the politicians in the country. Does a historical party that currently has a vague horizon have the right to feel part of the wave? She has to solve her own problems. “People going out on the streets naturally is the most normal thing, but no one has the right to reap political dividends,” said the basketball coach.He admitted that because of the coronavirus he spent 14 days in the hospital, where he watched on television what was happening in the country. His call is no provocations.“I definitely think that there are no organized Levski fans to protest. There is no agreement between Geshev and Borisov for the action in the presidency. In the last 19 years, Boyko Borissov has stood firm. Let him and Radev sit face to face,” Titi commented.Initial Bonus up to BGN 1,000 for online casino games from efbet“The biggest catastrophe of the protest was Bozhkov’s recording. In order for this protest to have its effect, clean people must come out. Dissatisfaction must be the filter to bring out the authoritative people. I am impressed by Tomislav Donchev, it is time for the authorities to stand up behind the state “, the shareholder in Levski also commented.According to him, the protests started with the entry of Mr. Hristo Ivanov on “Rosenets”. Papazov said they were led by the Poison Trio, but they had to declare that they would have no presence in the Bulgarian government and would then be “welcome”.Meanwhile, Titi Papazov said that 5,800,000 are Levski’s debts. According to him, at least 10 companies want to help the club and so the coffers will be filled.last_img

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