Matthews: “If Messi doesn’t like you, then Germany is ready to…

first_imgAlthough Messi won 34 championships with Barcelona, ​​his success was not translated internationally with his country, as he lost 4 finals with his country.Although he won 6 gold balls, the comparisons are still continuing between him and his countryman Maradona, who did not achieve these achievements at the club level, while he led Argentina to win the 1986 World Cup.Matthews jokingly says: “Unbelievable, if Messi does not like you, Germany is ready to give him a passport and nationality, we will receive him with open arms to play for us.”He added that he could not understand the discussions and comparisons between the players from the best, but Argentina is lucky to have both players regardless of the best, according to What transfer Sportskeeda.last_img

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