Tuniu CMO Chen Fuwei Why are we willing to burn for brand marketing

was founded in 2006 in the way cattle net online leisure travel is China Pathfinder, the main tour with the group, including outbound and domestic long-term and short-term peripheral, with the group and independent, self driving products etc.. At first, the lack of industry background team is not optimistic. But this "grassroots" company with a grappling and overweight way of investors, and finally become the leading market capitalization of $2 billion for the online leisure travel.

2009, tuniu completed A round of financing, completed in 2010 2011 to complete the $50 million B round, C round, 2013 to complete the $60 million D round, listed on the NASDAQ in May 2014 raised $117 million. Since December 2014, the Jingdong acquired Hony capital and the capital increase of 148 million, in May 2015, Jingdong invested $500 million investment. In November 23, 2015, the way cattle, HNA tourism jointly announced a strategic alliance, the latter $500 million to subscribe 30 million 300 thousand tuniu ADS, accounted for the way cattle net equity expanded after 24.1%. According to the agreement, the way cattle will be within two years from the products and services of $100 million (HNA purchase tickets and hotels). Less than a year, the way cattle has a total of more than $1 billion 100 million in financing, the amount of financing in the online leisure travel industry first.


success, largely thanks to the brand building and strengthening the target marketing strategy success. In November 6, 2015, with the headquarters in the tiger sniffing tuniu way cattle CMO Mr. Chen Fuwei. In the interview, Chen Fuwei said that Internet companies purely burn, the more sales may lose more, but if the long-term investment of intangible assets, integration of industrial chain, a loss may also end in the short term, to create brand, have very good expectations of future earnings, properties of two kinds of losses are not the same. The latter is the implication, tuniu.


gene is different, the way cattle is not OTA

2006, the way cattle started, online travel appears to have no chance, Ctrip, eLong Hotel, tickets has been busy playing field. These OTA users, "gold user" is a frequent business traveler, the travel time have their own plans, for what the hotel has its own habits, Ctrip, eLong is a convenient platform for their parity, reservation.

in this industry in the fight, the way cattle will first target its own customers, positioning in the out of people, rather than people who travel". In the early development of the Internet, most of the first people to travel to the destination, the basic situation of the way cattle from the traditional line absolutely ignorant of, under the agency "tour" starting, let consumers in the online "group travel".

Ctrip, eLong is standardized in the supply side of the hotel, air tickets, in essence, is the hotel, tickets online intermediaries. Tuniu "preferred" and "custom" in the supply side, is the essence of "online travel agency". According to their latest earnings in the third quarter of 2015, in the way cattle transactions, according to travel.