How to do well in e-commerce promotion

for an enterprise to develop e-commerce, so that the network to bring their own customers and business, the first thing to do is.

1: do a show their products website.

2: you can search a keyword in your industry, see GOOGLE, SINA, QQ, YAHOO and other search engines, your opponent should rankings are very good, I think you should want to have them ranking or flow. One of the benefits of SEO is not just a search engine.

3: do the optimization (this is important) you should feel this way, if you are doing the bidding or fixed rankings, package services, if the advertisement is suspended, you not only lost huge cost, but the effect will disappear with the suspension of advertising. SEO search engine optimization is not the same, if we will optimize your site ready, even second years did not renew the site’s ranking will be stable for a long time, unless you are with us to suspend cooperation, to your competitors have begun to do the optimization, and the investment and energy cost higher than you if so, your ranking just may be down. Once in a large search engine rankings, it will continue to bring you every day, even better than the number of customers you find a good salesman.

4: the page display speed faster, more beautiful, more close to the user experience, the site does not appear garbled or deformation, remove dead links, create friendly page. Now Chinese 85% sites are not in line with international standards, this will make the site in different browsers play now garbled or deformation, especially foreign trade enterprises should pay more attention to


5: traffic, customers will come, the rest is to see how you sell your products to customers.

6: in fact, an art website promotion.

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