Who was screaming at the two person meeting at the B station last

may be everyone else or they won’t be here. It’s all for love.

July 22nd around 12 p.m., Chinico boarded from Anhui Bengbu to Shanghai train. This train one-way to open 6 hours, Chinico spent $140 to buy a round-trip ticket, go to the B station to participate in the BML (Bilibili Macro Link). This is also the most of his budget for this trip, two tickets worth $780 in the B station video game to win, because the hotel can not afford to live, after the event will be the end of the night to go home on the train at 11 points.

this is the first time he graduated from his hometown of Bengbu.

on the morning of July 23rd, Liao Jinhan and his father set out from Hangzhou by high-speed rail arrived in Shanghai. In the United States to read a high Liao Jinhan is B station five years of users, his father knew that he was in the B game area when the up main thing, neither against nor support, but also to give him this trip to provide all the BML sponsorship. Because of the way some delays, he did not catch the high-speed rail scheduled in the afternoon, a little more finally arrived in the park.

Zhang Le is a native of Shanghai. He was the first to do the main up Youku, anchor game live. However, the standard is very poor, had been in the same video under the same audience said five times, can not stand how can play bad". He did not mind these, in the B station to do the Lord up, but also to start their own relatives and friends to see. On July 23rd they planned to go traveling, but Zhang Le notice, he has a $780 "concert tickets", but also about the people. Mom and dad agreed.

Zhang Le’s ticket is Chinico. But they know a few weeks before, to BML before the start of the "surface base". "When Chinico got the ticket price to sell me, I said you either send me." – Chinico to get a ticket, a credit card Le friends and relatives to join.

in July 23, 2016, a total of 12000 people rushed to the Shanghai World Expo Park Mercedes Benz cultural center in this field called BML line communication activities. If you want to count those who bought only the field ticket audience, then the number has exceeded 20000 people. It is not entirely a Le to parents said "concert", but in the B up main station and fans as the core, also invited Japanese popular guests live performances, and there will be interactive games like field activities. In short, everything revolves around the audience love the two dimension.


this is the B station held fourth years BML>