Heart like a rule let the copy speed 10 times the stunt


every day to look at a variety of documents, such as Taobao product copy, Baidu bidding copy, newspaper copy, all kinds of DM distributed by the street, etc.. I have been thinking, how to change these mundane advertising, so that consumers will be able to immediately bring interest, and to achieve rapid product obsession, to facilitate the purchase.

in my continuous research and summary, and finally let me find a way to let the target customers after reading a strong desire to have this product. So, what is this method and whether you can learn it?

before sharing this method, first tell a story about my childhood, · · ·

still remember when I was in middle school, when I had been unable to go to school, because the memory is not good, like those in the history of English words can not remember. Then I saw in a magazine about a method of memory materials advertising, I will send money to a mail order.

they sent me the teaching materials, the teacher in charge to me, it is clear that he was open to see, but also left a word to me, this method is also useful?".

I get the teaching materials in accordance with the above method for a month, the results of my memory greatly increased, a lot of difficult to remember the historical era, the English word can be seen several times to remember. Even more incredible is that after six months will not forget. It’s amazing! (some can last a few years.

since I began to copy this industry, I think why this memory method can have such a big effect? Can you take these things to use writing to, also can let other people see the first copy after he read deeply attracted, and always remember that you are


after my continuous study, it turns out that it can completely · · ·

and I’m surprised!

why do many people think that they can not attract people to write something else because it is very common to write. The way I learn that memory is to make some very ordinary things, and then the content becomes very image and strange, in order to achieve the purpose of deep memory.

I’ll give an example, if a person is very thin, the usual argument is that "this person is very thin, but if compared with the image of the argument is:" this is very thin, like a match stick up a big head".

this sentence is Ma Yun’s wife wrote a memoir, describing her son’s words, I saw her whole article, after a month, but this sentence I have been unable to forget. This is the role of image description.

for example: he ate steamed buns. (usually)


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